Prominent Political Donor Helps Pornographers and Offshore Gambling Operations

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The Chicago Tribune Thursday reported that political donors for both the current U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton once worked on behalf of offshore gambling operations, payday loan and pornographers.

Ahmad "Andy" Khawaja made his fortune in "high risk" online payment processing for a host of companies, even concealing the true purpose of his business through a site dedicated to orange cats.  He also made multimillion-dollar political donations, first to Hillary Clinton and then to Donald Trump.

From the Tribune:

Thousands of internal company documents obtained by The Associated Press reveal that Khawaja's company, Allied Wallet Inc., has profited from guiding dubious businesses past the gates of the banking system. The records, which include email conversations as well as business and financial documents, show Allied Wallet executives helped deploy sham websites and dummy companies to hide these businesses' tracks, even in cases where Allied Wallet's own staff deemed the underlying business activities to be "very, very illegal."

The company's actions in these cases flout bank policies, credit card network rules and potentially U.S. laws designed to prevent money laundering. In one instance, a company official complained to Khawaja that a colleague had provided "specific instructions on how to set up and operate an illegal gaming operation online."

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