Online Gambling Sector Questions John McCain Basketball Bracket

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C Costigan
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John McCain

He tried to outlaw betting on College Basketball, which would ultimately have affected the popularity of NCAA tournament brackets and office pools,  now Arizona Senator and the former GOP candidate for President of the United State, John McCain, is offering his 2009 Basketball Bracket.  It's actually the Third Annual Basketball Bracket.

"I voted for (John) McCain," one online gambling analyst told Gambling911.com. "But is this ironic given the Senator's history regarding bets on college sports?"

The contest touts:

March is here and that means it's almost time to fill out your basketball bracket! For the past two years, thousands of people have enjoyed comparing their picks to John McCain's, and this year is no exception.

To be fair, the McCain basketball bracket contest does not offer a cash prize nor is it in any way connected to betting on the event.

Nonetheless, NCAA brackets are associated with office pools and technically office pools are considered "illegal" in most states.  There is also a thin line between betting an the office pool.

One only needs to look at the Michael Phelps "bong photo" incident to demonstrate how overzealous some law enforcement agencies can be when it comes to upholding laws, no matter how ridiculous they might be.  Don't think for a moment that there won't be a time when an office gets raided for holding an NCAA Brackets office pool.

We at Gambling911.com aren't against John McCain for offering a Basketball Bracket contest.  Actually, we think it's great.  We, and a few others in the booming online gambling industry (especially on the college sports betting side) just feel it's a little ironic. 

Some $12 billion was expected to be bet on the 2009 NCAA Tourney.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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