Odds Comparison: Who Will The Next US President Be

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Odds Comparison: Who Will The Next US President Be

Odds of who will be the next US President vary across the board. Those in North America can place their future wagers at BetOnline here.  

Most books in North America and Europe had Clinton at 8-15 odds, meaning the payout would be US$8 for every US$15 bet with that US$15 refunded should she win.

Donald Trump had the next shortest odds at 2-1 odds with some books offering 7-4 odds.

Marco Rubio was seeing between 10-1 and 14-1 odds.

Bernie Sanders was coming in at between 20-1 to 24-1 odds.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg had shorter odds than Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 50-1 compared to 80-1.

John Kasich and Joe Biden were both coming in at 100-1 odds.  That later has said he would not run, however, there is an off chance that Clinton could be indicted at some point over an email controversy as there is currently an FBI investigation.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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