Nitrogen Sports Confiscation of Clinton Pantsuit Debate Bet Not so Cut and Dry

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  • Clinton red pantsuit Debate prop bet paid $1600 for every $100 wagered at some books
  • Nitrogen Sports accused of not honoring pantsuit bet, claiming early knowledge before Debate
  • Gambler claims other colors left on the site to wager on after Clinton shown arriving in red pantsuit
  • Nitrogen Sports says losing wagers on those colors placed after Clinton initial appearance were also suspended

Betting on Monday night’s first US Presidential Debate between GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was not without its controversies.

AD: Get Up to $1000 in Free Bets – Bet on Every State Election Results at BetOnline reported that some bookmakers were offering odds on the color of Clinton’s pantsuit as high as 16-1 for a potential payout of $1600 on each $100 wagered.  But not all the online sites are honoring this bet it appears.

Case in point, Nitrogen Sports, one of the more popular Bitcoin bookmakers. is reporting that the site has confiscated wagers on Clinton’s outfit, citing “early knowledge”.

Nitrogen Sports had their wagers cancelled on Hillary Clinton to wear red because the television coverage revealed her outfit as early as 25 minutes before Clinton took the stage for the 9:00PM debate. According to one gambler, the other color options were left on the board until the debate started; Sportsbook Review has asked Nitrogen Sports to confirm that all losing options were voided as well on Clinton's outfit placed after 8:35PM ET.

Indeed, can confirm that Hillary was pictured entering the Hofstra’s Debate hall a good half hour prior to the scheduled starting time wearing the red pantsuit and, likewise, Trump was seen with his blue tie (paying 2-1 odds)

“Certainly Nitrogen Sports should be condemned if they had cancelled all Hillary Clinton pantsuit color bets that were made prior to the big reveal,” commented Senior Editor Payton O’Brien.  “There is no suggestion this is the case and they have insisted to SBR that is not the case.  Any bets placed beyond this time the books do have grounds to cancel said bets however.”

The situation gets murky though if in fact other color options did remain up after Clinton’s pantsuit had been determined.

“Confirmation that losing wagers on those colors were voided would seem fair,” O’Brien suggests.

Nitrogen Sports has since advised SBR said losing color bets were voided after the 8:35 pm ET time for Clinton and 8:05 pm EST for Trump.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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