Michele Bachmann Gets Zero Boost in Political Betting Market

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:
Michele Bachmann

Following Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s response to US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, her chances of getting nominated as the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate moved little at Intrade.com, from 3 percent to 3.2 percent in just 24 hours. 

Still, the political pool of worthy candidates is rather small (or large if you consider how many Republicans could run without much of a strong following).

Mitt Romney leads the list with a 22.5 percent chance of getting nominated.  Sarah Palin came in with 12.5 percent.  John Thune was at 11 percent.  Everyone else was in single digits. 

Bachmann’s speech did raise her profile among Conservatives.  It certainly helped to have CNN broadcast her speech live, the only network to do so. 

"She has knocked the ball out of the park," said Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga. In an interview with Bloomberg News. "The rest of us struggle to get our publicity and our name out, and we try to be thoughtful and clever.  And here's somebody who just went to the head of the line, and she's captured the imagination of a lot of Americans."

Bachmann, who has served in Congress now for only four years, was the only non-party leader to get her message broadcast nationwide.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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