Marco Rubio Becomes Favorite to Win GOP Nomination

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Marco Rubio Becomes Favorite to Win GOP Nomination

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has now been made the -130 favorite to receive the GOP nomination for US President following a performance in the Iowa Caucus that was above expectations.

Though Rubio finished third Monday night, he was widely expected to receive a smaller percentage of the overall vote.  Instead, he was neck-and-neck with Donald Trump at 23 percent and just five percentage points behind the winner, Ted Cruz. 

Heading into the Iowa Caucuses, polls showed Trump a few points ahead of Cruz and Rubio trailing the later by double digits. 

"For months, they said we had no chance," Rubio said. "… They told me I had no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high."

And while Cruz beat the other candidates in Iowa, oddsmakers and pundits alike do not see him having the same type of appeal nationwide.  As such, Cruz was priced at 5-1 odds of receiving the GOP nomination. 

Trump was coming in with odds of 2-1.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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