Latest US Presidential Betting Odds

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Carrie Stroup
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Latest US Presidential Betting Odds

The latest odds for the US Presidential race as of October 22, 2012 had President Barack Obama paying $10 for every $16.50 bet with a win (the $16.50 is refunded with a win).  GOP nominee Mitt Romney would pay out $14.50 for every $10 bet.  All odds courtesy of here


Swing state betting featured the following odds:

Ohio – Obama was still a -155 favorite with the payout on a Romney win at $12.50 for every $10 bet

Florida – Romney was a 1/2 favorite in this state with Obama paying $22 for every $10 bet.  The betting market indicates that Romney should easily win Florida at this point. 

Virginia – Romney is a -160 favorite but still too close to call here.

Pennsylvania – Obama is a big 1/4 favorite.

Colorado – Romney is favored at -140 compared to Obama at slightly better than EVEN. 

North Carolina – Bettors have declared Romney the winner here with odds of 1/10. 

Nevada – Obama is listed at -260 closing in on 1/3 odds.

Wisconsin – Obama is relatively safe at -235 odds but this state is still in reach for Romney.

Michigan – Like North Carolina, this is no longer considered a swing state as Obama was listed as a big 1/8 favorite.  Romney would pay out $50 for every $10 bet.

New Hampshire – This state is very much still in play with Obama just shy of a 1/2 favorite.

Iowa – Obama is a 1/2 favorite.

This year's Election will be the single most wagered on nonsporting event ever. 

- Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter

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