Hunter Biden Trial Betting Odds and 'No One is Above the Law' Bet

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All eyes are on another trial engulfing the political world this week.


Hunter Biden is on trial in Delaware on three felony charges related to his efforts to obtain a firearm in 2018 while allegedly addicted to drugs.

As it did with Donald Trump's trial last week, the oddsmaker has set odds for what the outcome for Biden will be.

A standard court fine is the odds-on favorite for the result. A verdict of not guilty has the second-best odds at 3/1.

An even more creative market being offered by BetOnline asks which person will say or post Joe Biden's famous "no one is above the law" phrase first should Hunter be acquitted.

Trump and James Comer are co-favorites in that market with 20 options.

Finally, there are odds on whether or not President Biden will testify during Hunter's trial. The odds of him doing so are long at 10/1.

Hunter Biden Trial Outcome                

Fine                              1/2

Not Guilty                     3/1

Probation                     6/1

Community Service       14/1

Custodial Sentence       20/1

House Arrest                 33/1


First to say Joe Biden's phrase "no one is above the law" if Hunter acquitted                

Donald Trump Sr.          3/1

James Comer                3/1

Marjorie Taylor Greene 6/1

J.D. Vance                     12/1

Jim Jordan                    12/1

Lauren Boebert             12/1

Elise Stefanik                16/1

Marco Rubio                 16/1

Nikki Haley                   16/1

Ted Cruz                       16/1

Tom Cotton                  16/1

Kari Lake                       20/1

Lindsay Graham            40/1

Andy Biggs                    50/1

Rick Scott                     50/1

Chris Christie                100/1

Hillary Clinton               250/1

Kamala Harris               250/1

Mike Pence                   250/1


Will Joe Biden testify at Hunter Biden trial?     

No                    1/40

Yes                   10/1


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