Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann 2012 US Republican Presidential Nomination Odds Low

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Aaron Goldstein
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Donald Trump Presidential Odds

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann potential run for the 2012 US Presidential race, their odds of getting the Republican nomination remain rather low according to the prediction market   

The good news for Bachmann is that her chances have gone up from just over 2 percent to just shy of 8 percent.  She currently ranks with the 4th best chance of winning the nomination after Mitt Romney at 27 percent, Tim Pawlenty at 16 percent and Mitch Daniels at 8.5 percent. 

Donald Trump had the 5th best chance at 5.6 percent, just nudging out Haley Barbour and Mike Huckabee. 

Sarah Palin came in with a 4.8 percent chance while Newt Gincrich was coming in with a 3.9 percent chance. 

Trump’s odds were likely to increase as he continues to gain more exposure on the talk show circuit discussing, of all things, President Obama’s birth certificate, or lack thereof (if you are inclined to believe all those birthers out there, Trump included).

Few of the US-facing online gambling sites even list Trump as of yet, mainly because they are not actively promoting the 2012 US Presidential betting at this time.

Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, lists The Donald with 25/1 odds of receiving the Republican Presidential nomination.  Those odds are not entirely bad but Paddy is also unusually lax in updating these odds.  They do not even feature a price on Bachmann. 

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