Delaware Senate Debate on CNN: Christine O’Donnell Odds at 14.5 Percent

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:
Delaware Senate Debate

It is really hard to believe that Delaware, the US first and second smallest state, is getting all the attention in this year’s Senate elections.  CNN will be broadcasting a 90-minute debate this coming Wednesday (October 13) with its lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer co-moderating along with Delaware public television anchor Nancy Karibjanian. 

The campaign has become a hot button topic following a shock Republican primary win by Christine O’Donnell, who among other things denounces masturbation and admits to having dabbled in witchcraft. 

Her opponent, Chris Coons (D), leads by double digits with only a few weeks until the state’s elections. has finally managed to find odds on O’Donnell over at, the online betting exchange based in Ireland that does accept bets from U.S. citizens.  With betting volume close to 3000, only 14.5 are betting on Christine O’Donnell winning.  – Jagajeet Chiba reporting for  

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