Clinton vs. Trump – Odds to Win Florida

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September 18, 2016 – Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Florida odds were tighter than ever as the General Election fast approaches.  The GOP nominee Trump was a favorite Sunday September 18 with the price ranging from -137 to -150 across the board. Recent polls showed a dead heat in the Sunshine State between the two candidates though it was Trump gaining momentum much of the last week.  The Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation poll showed Trump at 50 percent and Clinton at 46 percent.

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Other Key Swing State Odds:  (Place Bets at BetOnline Here)

Ohio – Clinton +120/Trump -167 (-150 some books)

Florida – Clinton EVEN (+110 some books)/Trump -137 to -150

Pennsylvania – Clinton -250/Trump +175

Virginia – Clinton -800/Trump +450

North Carolina – Clinton +120/Trump -150

Nevada – Clinton -150/Trump +110

New Hampshire – Clinton -200/Trump +150

Iowa – Clinton +150/Trump -175

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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