Bet Who's Next to Be Found With Classified Docs

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C Costigan
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Everyone does it. It's the cool thing to do. Hide those docs...for whatever reason.                   

The last two U.S. Presidents have been caught "keeping" classified documents, and most recently former VP Mike Pence, so who will be next?

Naturally, BetOnline has created odds to answer that exact question, and there are some interesting names on the list.


Who will be the next President/Vice President caught with classified documents?

Bill Clinton                    2-1

Dick Cheney                  3-1

Barack Obama              4-1

George W Bush             5-1

Al Gore                         12-1

Dan Quayle                   12-1

Jimmy Carter                50-1

Additionally, the BetOnline team is reporting that Ron DeSantis' support is slipping among the betting community, which means Donald Trump is on the rise. You can see the current odds below the comments.

“There’s been a sharp move across global betting markets towards Trump – a stark reversal of the trend since the midterms," BetOnline political oddsmaker, Paul Krishnamurty, said. "This mirrors the sudden loss of confidence in Ron DeSantis who, unlike Trump, has yet to declare a 2024 presidential bid.

"At 44 years old, the Florida Governor has time on his side and may yet wish to swerve what would be a divisive, head-to-head battle with Trump. Also, there is a school of thought that the discovery of classified documents at both Joe Biden and Mike Pence’s homes diminishes the legal peril and reputational damage faced by Trump on that front.”

2024 President

Ron Desantis +250 (previously +200)

Joe Biden +300

Donald Trump +325 (previously +400)

Kamala Harris +1200

Gavin Newsom +1600

Nikki Haley +2000


Republican Nominee

Donald Trump +125 (previously +200)

Ron Desantis +150 (previously +125)

Nikki Haley +1200


Democrat Nominee

Joe Biden -180

Kamala Harris +425

Gavin Newsom +700

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