Brunson: Congress Full of DWI’s, Drug Abuse, Felons

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Doyle Brunson
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Congratulations to Chris Moorman for being PocketFives #1 worldwide player at the end of 2009.  Chris is one of the first 5 chosen to be in the Brunson 10.  We have some five young men representing DoylesRoom.com and we are expecting lots of good things from them. We are going to find the remaining 5 spots that are open sometime in 2010. Then we will choose two women to make it the Brunson 10/2 in honor of my name hand.

As always in the case of a New Year, many resolutions are passed. I'm determined to lose 20 pounds and get swimming back in my life. I'm also going to monitor my poker playing as I closed out 2009 on a losing streak. I feel good and I would hate to have to step down from the high limit games. Time will tell if I was playing badly or just unlucky.

The New Year is also a time for reflection. I don't remember who it was that said you should love God, Family and your country in that order. Whoever said it sure had it right and I thank God everyday for my health and long life. I'm also fortunate enough to have found my wife of 48 years. What a terrific woman she is! How anyone could put up with me for that long never ceases to amaze me. She just told me last week she realized long ago that I was a free spirit and she was going to devote her life to our home and children. I've never been able to figure her out and every time I think I have, something happens and I know I don't have a clue about women, particularly Louise.

I am deeply concerned for our country as it seems we have lost all the values our forefathers gave us. I think what this country needs is more unemployed politicians and then let's set some standards our representatives have to meet before they can even run for office. I've seen some of the statistics about our Congress that blows me away. DWI's, drug abuse, felonies and numerous other bad things are the background of most of our national leaders.

Talk is cheap....except when Congress does it!

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