Biden Closes Eyes for 3+ Seconds During the Debate Odds

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Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:

Days ahead of the highly anticipated presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, gambling sites are beginning to offer an abundance of prop bets for both candidates.  Today we look at Biden closing his eyes for more than 3 seconds and the potential payout should this happen.


Odds of this happening were set at +150.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Trump gets the final word at the June 27 debate per a coin flip determination.  It was the Biden campaign's decision however.

The coin landed on the Biden campaign’s pick — tails — which meant his campaign got to choose whether it wanted to select the president’s podium position or the order of closing statements.

Biden’s campaign chose to select the right podium position, which means the Democratic president will be on the right side of television viewers’ screens and his Republican rival will be on viewers’ left.

Polymarket's betting market will resolve to "Yes" if Joe Biden closes his eyes for 3 or more seconds continuously at any point during the first in-person presidential debate in the 2024 election cycle, from his first appearance during the official broadcast, to when he exits the debate stage after the completion of the closing remarks. Otherwise, this market will resolve to "No".

If no in-person debate happens before election day, this market will resolve to "No."

The resolution source will be video footage of the debate.


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