BetOnline Study Shows Every State's Pick for Trump VP

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A social media study conducted on Twitter/X using geotagged data shows that the majority of the United States believes J.D. Vance will be tabbed as Donald Trump's running mate in 2024.


The marketing team at, which currently lists North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum as the favorite, tracked state-by-state tweets over the past 30 days that included anything written about Trump's vice president PLUS one of the eight names on his shortlist (J.D. Vance, Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Burgum, Elise Stefanik, Byron Donalds, Ben Carson) or one of their hashtags (#VanceForVP, #ScottForVP, #BurgumForVP, etc.).

More than 260,000 tweets were tracked in total.

Here is the state-by-state breakdown:

J.D. Vance - 27 states

Tim Scott - 12 states

Doug Burgum - 6 states

Elise Stefanik - 2 states

Tom Cotton - 2 states

Marco Rubio - 1 state

As you can see from the map, Vance is the overwhelming favorite in the social media world. However, the oddsmakers at BetOnline don't agree with the public.

After Burgum, their is a tie between Vance and Ben Carson, the latter of whom did not qualify for any states in the Twitter study. Here are the latest odds:

2024 Republican Vice President

Doug Burgum               5/2                   (+250)

J.D. Vance                     4/1                  

Ben Carson                   4/1                  

Marco Rubio                 6/1                  

Tim Scott                      8/1                  

Byron Donalds              11/1                

Elise Stefanik                14/1                

S. Huckabee Sanders     14/1                

Tulsi Gabbard               20/1                

Nikki Haley                   22/1                

Tom Cotton                  25/1                

Ron DeSantis                75/1                

Candace Owens            200/1


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