Barney Frank, Rand Paul Win In 2010 Midterm Elections

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:
Rand Paul

Barney Frank, the current Chairman of the House Financial Committee, has regained his seat after one of his toughest challenges in years.  Frank is a leading opponent for the online gambling sector.  He will, however, lose his chairmanship following the GOP winning control of the House.

Rand Paul was one of the first declared winners of the night.  He becomes a Senator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  This win has some significance for the online gambling sector on two fronts.

Rand Paul’s dad is the popular Texas Republican Congressman who has supported the legalization of online gambling in the United States and even co-sponsored a bill with Barney Frank.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, and specifically its Governor Stephen Beshear, has taken legal action against the Internet gambling sector.  Beshear nearly became successful in seizing some 151 online gambling-related domain names. 

Paul’s win in Kentucky signals a dramatic shift in the political landscape both locally and nationally. 

- Aaron Goldstein, 

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