WSOP.com Online Poker Site Blunder: No Real Money Play Yet

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Ace King
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WSOP.com Online Poker Site Blunder:  No Real Money Play Yet

As was first reported on Gambling911.com Wednesday, WSOP.com online poker rolled out its real money play site for residents of Nevada.

The problem.  It wasn’t supposed to have happened yet.

A member of the TwoPlusTwo.com posting forum first announced the website as live for real money play, but others living in or visiting Nevada during the start of the 2013 World Series of Poker were not as lucky.

A WSOP.com rep soon explained why.

“Unfortunately, for a short time this morning, two Nevada players were able to gain access to the Mac version of our real money poker client and participated in a live game,” the representative told forum members.

“These players should not have been able to deposit or play. The technical glitch that enabled these players to gain access to the Mac client has been corrected. Please note, no payment transactions were completed. We appreciate the interest in WSOP.com and look forward to becoming part of the Nevada online poker community in the near future.”

As a result of the technical glitch, Mac users were unable to download the free-to-play WSOP.com online poker site. 

The live real money site is anticipated prior to the start of the World Series of Poker Main Event in July.

To date, Nevada's entry into the lucrative US legal online poker market hasn't exactly gotten off to a smooth start.  In addition to the WSOP.com gaffe, Nevada's first Web poker site to go live, UltimatePoker, was found to be using a player verification firm with ties to an insider cheating scandal.  To their credit, UltimatePoker was quick to sever ties with that company. 

- Ace King, Gambling911.com