The WSOP Isn't Over - It's Only Just Begun

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The WSOP Isn't Over - It's Only Just Begun


OK, it’s almost over! Day 7 of Event 61 has ended; and the “October Nine” are defined and waiting to win the 2012 Main Event Bracelet. Sixty bracelets and millions of dollars in cash prizes are awarded during this incredible poker summer event. Once the new Main Event champion gets the title under their belt; the 2012 WSOP will be in the books and new bracelets will be up for grabs in the yet undisclosed, 2013 schedule. It’s time to work and plan your game for next year! Poker is ever evolving on a daily basis and we have to evolve with it to have an edge on our opponents and to catch up with the pro seasoned players.
The WSOP is not over for most of recreational or amateur players, IT’S JUST STARTED! Now is the time to play and gain experience, , build your bankroll and gain confidence so that you too have a successful series next year. The only way to accomplish this new level is by putting in the hours of playing and training. Serious players study and practice their game on daily basis, they don’t wait until the last minute to develop their skills, so why would you?
Train to play with confidence.
Winning a poker tournament is not just about registering and getting there; it takes tons of hands, errors, sick calls and fancy moves to feel confident about your game. The best way to fix your leaks is to spent time on the white board, analyze, re-evaluate your game and share it with fellow table mates. Now days, poker training sites like, offer the chance to access a plethora of videos to sharpen your game. Reading will help but it’s not enough; being part of one of these coaching sites, enables you to sky rocket your game by learning strategies from some of the most gifted minds in poker. You’ll also receive a lot of feedback from the community members.
Half of the battle is won by studying the game and when you are poker savvy enough and know the math behind the game, your confidence alone will take you to the next level. Sure lady luck might betray you but remember the smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be.
If you play live, try to play online more, if you play online, try playing live more.
Internet poker offers all kinds of tournaments around the clock, from low stakes to nosebleed buy ins, guarantees, non-guarantee tournaments, online tournament series as juicy as the WSOP making online poker the perfect playground to practice your new skills (after doing your poker homework). However, you don’t want to feel out of your element and be the “Online Kid” everyone jokes about when playing on the felts. You could be an online force to be reckoned with but if you don’t add miles to your live game, the seasoned players will destroy you.
Playing live tournaments can have its downsides, maybe casinos and poker rooms are not close enough to your home, maybe the games are not great or maybe just unprofitable and this translates to fewer hours at the tables. The less you play, the less you learn and that gives your opponents an edge.
Mix it up a bit, put more hours in online, play more live tournaments, multi-table more often, make more trips to the nearest Casino, make plans to play a tournament outside your state or area. Put in more hours on both, live and online events. The other half of the battle is won at the virtual/live tables.
Build your WSOP Bankroll in advance.
Poker is a long term game and you have to build your roll in advance to enjoy the rewards of your investment. The tournament variance can be brutal and playing just one tourney might not be enough. You have to embrace the bad beats and have enough green to say “Onto the next one!”
Seasoned players don’t make the trip to the Mojave Desert with just one buy-in; they play during the year to bring as much as they can to the greatest poker festival in the world.
Recreational/amateur players have to struggle with bank roll management but to be serious and have a chance to win a bracelet; a loaded bank roll is a MUST. Why do you want to play the WSOP with scarce money? Always take a juicy bank roll to Vegas and make the dream come truth. Start saving money and segregate part of your bankroll, take a percentage of your winnings and save it for the series.
You don’t have to be the best player in the world to win a bracelet, you just have to go one level deeper than your opponent and evolve with the game.