WSOP Dream Team Poker Event Sunday July 12, 2009

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Jenny Woo
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WSOP Dream Team Poker

The Dream Team Poker Event at the 40th Annual World Series of Poker will feature some of the biggest names in poker today. 

The list of professional players and teams continues to grow and here is just a sampling:

Daniel Negreanu (Team PokerVT)

David Williams, Evelyn Ng, Justin Bonomo (Team Bodog)

Barry Greenstein, Joe Sebok (Team

Gavin Smith (Team Zurvive)

Pam Brunson (Tush Pushers)

Liz Lieu (ChiliPoker)

Jerry Yang, Christina Lindley, Eric Aude (Team Six Hands, Four Nutz,

and a Rack OnTilt)

Marsha Waggoner, James Worth, Young Phan (Team True Poker)

Barbara Enright, Paul Darden and David Levi (Team Bookmaker Poker)

Jamie Gold, David Chicotsky, Lauren Kling (Team TheMaven VT 1)

Kenna James (Poker Host)

Susie Isaacs (Team Simpletrak)

Bryan Micon, Dustin Woolf (Team

Tom McEvoy (Magic Dragons)

Captain Tom Franklin, TJ Cloutier (Captain Krunch)

Lacey Jones, Christina Hall (

Maureen Feduniak (Jersey Girls)

Thor Hansen, Yosh Naknano (Team IPPA Tour)

Dream Team Poker has quickly gained traction and saw significant growth in the past six months alone. The speed of progression that Dream Team Poker experienced can be attributed to the two successful events held in November 2008 and March 2009. The invitation-only opening event was sold-out within weeks and was attended by top pros and celebrities. The most recent event at Caesars Palace garnered record attention from the media, professionals and average players, who turned out by the dozens to play. The tournament sold out the Caesars poker room with 148 teams and 444 players.

"The WSOP and the Rio have really shown their commitment to the players in continuing to innovate and try new concepts," said Daniel Delshad, CEO of Dream Team Gaming. "Bringing our brand to the Rio during the WSOP and onto the most hollowed ground in the sport is a powerful way to introduce Dream Team Poker to the world."

Dream Team Poker has added a new dimension to the poker industry with their patent-pending team-based tournament structure. It brings a new layer of competition and strategy to the game of poker while providing team-based and individual prize pools for the players.

The event takes place at the Brasillia Room of the Rio Convention Center at 2 pm CST.

SIGN UP            Players can register for the event at the Dream

Team Poker Registration booth in the Rio Convention Center Rotunda

across from the jersey wall


Hours: 10am -9pm (Friday & Saturday) 9am - 12noon (Sunday)