WSOP 2011 Star Ben Lamb is an Online Poker Loser

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb has performed brilliantly in the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event in addition to winning a bracelet and finishing second in events leading up to the Championship.  He has made the final table and is likely to be instilled as the favorite to win outright.  Lamb made it all seem easy.  He hardly ever dropped out of the top 10 chip leaderboard.  But Lamb has not always had the same type of luck on the virtual felts.

Gary Wise of noted that, in 2004, Lamb deposited $100 seven different times at online poker sites with the same end result: he lost all of his money.

The eighth time may have been the charm, turning $100 into $93,000.”

Unfortunately, Lamb went on a roller coaster ride as Wise continued by writing, “He eventually lost $75,000 of those winnings in one session to Phil Galfond, noting with grinning recollection, “I had $300 cash in my pocket at the time.”

Lamb explained how losing the money wasn’t the end of the world by saying, “I think it’s important that people take shots. There’s just so much opportunity you can gain by doing it. You shouldn’t do it every day, but if a good game comes along … every month you’ll see one of those great games come along.”

He finished by adding, “When it does, sell some pieces if you can’t afford it, because you should probably play it. There’s a lot of people who never opt to not take the shot. The ones who take it every time go from $300,000 in a day a couple of times a month to broke, so you need to find a balance.”

Live and learn.  No matter what place Lamb finishes at in the November final, he’s going to have earned a few million dollars at this year’s World Series of Poker. 

- Ace King,