Would You Play at South Point Poker in US for Real Money?

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Ace King
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Would You Play at South Point Poker in US for Real Money?

The poker community in the US is excited about the prospects of South Point Poker eventually opening its doors to real money play, quite possibly in early 2012. 

South Point Poker, a proud sponsor of the Gambling911.com website, is the first Las Vegas based casino to offer an online poker site, albeit for free play only at the present time (note:  this could change if you happen to be reading this article post-January 2012). 

The South Point Poker room in Vegas is one of the most popular in the United States so we trust they will become a major player in the world of Internet poker.  The casino operator has already applied for a license to operate a real cash website in the state of Nevada, where intrastate online poker for money play is now legal.  South Point Poker anticipates other states pooling their players with Nevada at some point in time.

South Point is currently operating on the ad-placement free poker network of Zen, however, they are in the process of developing their own proprietary software for real money play. 

“It’s worth playing with them just because I love visiting their poker room when in Vegas,” a Gambling911.com reader tells us.  “Plus they are offering cash prizes and a chance to win a seat at the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event, making it worth signing up.”

One advantage of playing at South Point Poker is you can do so from your hotel room, quite possibly through use of a credit card.  While federal bills have suggested not allowing credit cards, there is little indication that Nevada will adapt such rules.  Debit cards and eChecks will most certainly be presented as a viable option. 

“Nevada has really put this whole issue at the forefront,” South Point Poker’s VP of Internet Gambling, Richard Kulis, told CardPlayer.com. “Now that they have adopted the regulations, it gives anybody in the state a chance to get their operations up and wait for whatever the federal solution may be when it comes — if it comes. From there you have various opportunities to do some kind of interaction between states. Nevada has put online poker on the map finally in the United States.”

- Ace King, Gambling911.com