What is the Duel By PokerStars App?

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Ace King
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What is the Duel By PokerStars App?

One of the bigger headlines this week had to do with PokerStars launching a new app called Duel By PokerStars. 

And what exactly is Duel by PokerStars?

The game is based on Heads Up No Limit Texas Hold’em, the world’s most popular poker game.  It allows an individual to challenge players anytime and anywhere from either an Android or iOS compatible device.

It is described as a fast, new way to play against poker fans from around the world utilizing a turn-based format.  Once you’ve made your moves, just wait for your rivals to respond. You can pick up and play at your own pace, and you’ll never lose a hand or your seat in the game if you have to leave the app in a hurry.

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"Duel by PokerStars is a fun way to play poker, in a format that is perfect for mobile phones. Whilst I could put the game down any moment, I don't want to - it offers all the depth of one-on-one poker, but playable whenever and against whomever I want," said Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Room Operations for PokerStars.

"I love being able to play it so easily," said Chris Moneymaker, a former world champion of poker. "It fits easily into my hectic life since I can pick up, and put down, anytime I want! It also manages to represent the depth of poker that I love."

A press released by the company states that PokerStars is developing the new app as “part of a broader strategy to introduce poker to new audiences.”

It continues that “this strategy includes serving people who want a form of poker that fits into their busy lifestyle: players who want to be able to challenge friends at their convenience, in addition to traditional forms of poker which might require longer periods of time to play.”

- Ace King, Gambling911.com