UltimatePoker CEO Tom Breitling: Size Does Matter

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Ace King
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UltimateBet CEO Tom Breitling: Size Does Matter

UltimatePoker CEO Tom Breiting sat down to discuss the size of the online gambling market in a very small regulated portion of the United States.

“With the creation of a new industry, there are a lot of unknowns,” Breitling says.  “And our company was pushed off balanced just a little bit (with emphasis) for revenue projections.”

Those projections for the Nevada market, where UltimateBet leads and is only one of two sites online, was for $80 million.  In New Jersey, estimates were in the $250 million to $1.2 billion range.

“We all know that the only one’s living and breathing the business are us, the operators.  Everyone from analysts to reporters were prognosticating.

“Well the revenue projections were too high,” Breitling advises.

Watch the video below to see Breitling discuss the reasoning behind those “way off” trends.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com