UBOC6 Day 7 Recap Features the NLH Heads Up Hosted by Prahlad Friedman

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C Costigan
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JBLAZE20 wins UBOC Event #13 for $36,990 and 1GOLEAFSGOEH1  excelled  in the Turbo Triple Chance Short Stack Tournament.

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA (Sunday, January 23rd, 2011) – UB’S Online Poker Championship Series, which guarantees over $5 Million in tournament money and competition prizes, continued on Saturday, January 22nd. The action kicked off at 15:00 ET with the $128K GTD NLH Heads Up event, and Prahlad Freidman performing hosting duties for the first time since joining Team UB. An hour later at 16:00 ET, several members of Team UB headed the $100K GTD Triple Chance Short Stack Rebuy tourney, Event #14 of the UBOC6tournament schedule.

Team UB’s PRAHLAD (36th)hosted yesterday’s $1000+50 buy-in NLH Heads Up tourney. 137 online pokerplayers competed for a share of the eventual $137,000 prize pool.  A number of Team UBPros turned out for the $128K GTD event, including BRANDONCANTU (73rd)), and DEBO34 who finished up in 19th place to cash $1,370.00.

Unfortunately for tournament host PRAHLAD, his run was brought to a premature end in round two by Friend of UB, Mark “ULTIMATEMARC” Gork, UB Ambassador for Germany since July 2010. ULTIMATEMARC continued long enough to make it into the money, finishing up in 28th place to cash $1,370.

"The heads up championships was a great event that I truly enjoyed. My goal of winning it was cut short, but I'm looking forward to making another run next year,” said Friedman.

Heads Up poker requires a steely self-confidence and a special set of skills. It’s one-on-one, and there’s no room for errors or second-guesses. In the end, it was JBLAZE20 with a Full House, twos full of eights who took down WAMMERMOUTH, whose Three of a kind, just couldn’t hold up in the final hand of the match-up.

UBOC6 Event #13 NLH Heads Up

Buy-in: $1000+50

Prize Pool: $137,000

Entrants: 137

1. JBLAZE ($36,990.00)

2. WAMMERMOUTH ($20,550.00)

3. FINGOLFIN ($10,960.00)

4. AMAK316 ($10,960.00)

Other Notables: BIGDOGPCKT5S in 7th ($4,795.00), DIPTHRONG in 14th place ($2,055.00), and DAVIDPERKINS in 27th place ($1,370.00)

In the $200+15 buy-in $100K GTD NLH Turbo Triple Chance Short Stack event running at the same time, there were 261 entries and 170 re-buys. At the end of play, 1GOLEAFSGOEH1 proved he had what it takes to rise to the top in the Turbo format with 300 starting chips. He pocketed the $26,000 first prize, with the runner-up P0KERCCINI banking a healthy $15,500.

UBOC6 Event #14 NLH Turbo 3X Short Stack

Host: Team UB

Buy-in: $200+15

Prize Pool: $100,000

Entrants: 261

1. 1GOLEAFSGOEH1 ($26,000.00)

2.  P0KERCCINI ($15,500.00)

3.  PEARLJAMMED ($11,000.00)

4.  VIKINGLOCO ( $8,000.00)


ON THE UBOC6 SCHEDULE: Sunday, January 23rd  

EVENT #15 NLH Deep Stack @ 14:00 ET                       Mini-UBOC Event #15 NLH Deep Stack *

Host: ROOTHLUS                                         Host: BIGDOGPCKT5S

Buy-in: $300+20                                         Buy-in: $30+3

Guarantee: $150,000                                         Guarantee: $15,000

EVENT #16 High Roller NLH D.Stack @ 17:00 ET     Mini-UBOC Event #16 NLH Deep Stack

Host: PRAHLAD                                                  Host: XBLINK

Buy-in: $2000+100                                         Buy-in: $50+5

Guarantee: $750,000                                         Guarantee: $25,000

EVENT #17 NLH D. S. U-Turbo 6-Max @ 18:30 ET  Mini-UBOC  #17 NLH D.S. U-Turbo 6-Max

Host: Team UB                                                 Host: CRATERING

Buy-in: $300+20                                        Buy-in: $30+3

Guarantee: $100,000                                        Guarantee: $10,000


 NEXT ON THE UBOC6 SCHEDULE: Monday, January 24th @ 20:05 ET

EVENT #18 NLH 1R+1A @                                      Mini-UBOC Event #18 NLH 1R+1A*

Host: P0KER H0                                                                 Host: REZTES757

Buy-in: $200+15                                           Buy-in: $20+2

Guarantee: $150,000                                           Guarantee: $15,000

EVENT #19 8 Game Mix(10 min levels)                        Mini-UBOC Event #18 8 Game Mix *

Host: BRANDONCANTU                                          Host: LIL_C_HO

Buy-in: $200+15                                          Buy-in: $20+2

Guarantee: $50,000                                          Guarantee: $5,000


* All Mini-UBOC Events commence at the same time as their corresponding UBOC Event.

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