UB.com Reps Encouraging US Players to Enter Cash Games

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C Costigan
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Reps for UB.com and Absolute Poker suddenly began encouraging US players to enter their real cash rooms.  While the effect is likely to help pad player volume for Canadian and European players, this is a most interesting development.

UB.com had earlier placed a popup notice discouraging US players from entering the cash games on Wednesday, however, players were still able to enter and participate in those games. 

In another development, UB.com imposed a $250 per week cashout for those living outside the US with customers reporting receipt of payouts within 48 hours.

UB.com announced this wee they had sought legal counsel in the US to determine how to move forward following an indictment against the company and two of its principals.  Only one of the individuals linked to UB.com/Absolute Poker is charged with conspiracy and bank fraud.  The company itself and other individual, Scott Tom, is charged only with violation of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

UB.com officials reported immediately after the indictments were handed down that payout requests were “way up” and it was widely believed they were unable to handle such volume after processors were shut down by the US authorities.

UB.com is believed to have been caught up in an initial investigation against Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars after a key processor turned informant.  That witness, Daniel Tzvetkoff, was profiled on Gambling911.com just hours prior to the unsealing of indictments against UB.com, et al. 

Gambling911.com can confirm that UB.com at one point did utilize Tzvetkoff’s company.  He is believed to have withheld well over a million dollars of UB.com’s funds.  These funds are believed to have been seized by US officials, though Tzvetkoff is rumored to have a stash hidden away elsewhere.

He is currently in an undisclosed safe house with his fiancé somewhere in the US.

One UB.com customer reported to Gambling911.com Saturday afternoon:  “I just spoke with a rep from UB.com and he said that online play for US players is allowed and encouraged.”

UB.com was the last to announce its lawfirm in fighting the charges.   It acquired the law firm of Black, Rome, which is a top 100 firm in the US.  PokerStars had announced its law firm, Skadden Arps, which is the largest in New York City and 5th largest in the US. 

- Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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