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It's the real deal this April at the leading online poker site with the introduction of 10 daily $10+1 buy-in tournaments, and a $100,000 Leaderboard competition that will award the top-performing player with $20,000 in cash.

From April 1st through to the 30th of the month, UB.com is running the Perfect 10 Challenge, a series of 10 daily $10+1 buy-in tournaments in which participating poker players are automatically entered into the $100K Leaderboard Challenge with a chance to take down a magnificent first prize of $20,000 cash.

"The launch of the Perfect 10  and the $100K Leaderboard Challenge are the first of many new and innovative promotions set to be introduced at UB," stated respected poker pro and member of Team UB, Joe Sebok. "UB has a completely revamped approach to 2010 and will be working to keep its entire community in the know about all new promotions and events .  The offers will be more exciting, more unique, and each one geared towards rewarding our players for playing with us like never before."

Players can get in on the ‘Perfect 10' action at UB.com in any one of the 300 new online events added to the UB.com tournament line-up in April; that's 10 extra ultra-affordable $10+1 buy-in tourneys  to enter every day throughout the entire month, running every hour on the hour, from 14:00-23:00 ET. Satellites that won't break the bank to enter at a small cost of $2+.20, are also scheduled for each of the $10+1 tournaments.

While it's true any player can get lucky in one tournament without too much credible talent at the poker table, UB's $100K Leaderboard Challenge is designed as an honest test of skill at the felt over the long-haul.  Each players top ten results in the ‘Perfect 10' events will count towards their final $100K Leaderboard Challenge rank.

The higher a player ranks, the more money they stand to bank, with the $100,000 Leaderboard prize money to be doled out in cash to the top 50 ranked players as follows:

                        1st Prize                                                $20,000

                        2nd Prize                                               $10,000

                        3rd Prize                                                $  5,000

                        4th-10th Prize                                   $  2,500

                        11th-20th Prize                               $  2,000

                        21st-30th Prize                                $  1,500

                        31st-40th Prize                                $  1,000

                        41st- 50th Prize                              $     500


Players who outperform and outshine their poker buddies day after day in the April tourneys, will also be racking up Leaderboard points on the road to their share of some serious dollars up for grabs in the $100K Leaderboard Challenge.

Plus, they can  keep an eye on how well they stack up against the big guns in the game with the Team UB Leaderboard displaying how Team UB Pros, including the legendary Phil Hellmuth and  Sebok, amongst others, are faring in the field.

Online poker players looking to take a run at the Challenge should check the poker lobby for the $100K LB Challenge an hour before each tournament.

Visit http://www.ub.com/poker-promotion/perfect-10 for full details of the Perfect 10 Challenge at UB.com, and on the CEREUS network, check out http://www.absolutepoker.com/promotions/trip%2Dtens/ at AbsolutePoker.com where the same competition is tagged ‘Trip Tens in April'.

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