Two-A-Day Promotion Delivers More Free Cash at Carbon Poker

Written by:
Matt Skinner
Published on:
Two-A-Day Promotion Delivers More Free Cash at Carbon Poker

With November just around the corner and another Poker Maximus Tournament series looming, Carbon Poker has introduced another great promo to let players battle for some free money. This is called the Two-A-Day promotion and it is simply a mini-endurance challenge to their loyal players.

You can easily join this promo by going into the player admin part at Carbon and click on the “activate promo” button. The only thing that may be easier than that is the promo itself.

Players simply have to earn TWO VIP points everyday throughout the entire month to qualify for a $1,000 freeroll on the second Saturday of the next month. Two points that’s it. No matter what stakes you play at on Carbon, getting two VIP points can be done in the matter of a few minutes.

Even the busiest of players can find a few minutes a day to log on to Carbon, get a few hands in, earn their two VIP points and get back to other things. It is something that you have to do every day for a whole month though which makes it something you can’t forget about, but really, it’s TWO POINTS.

Opt into the Two-A-Day promo at Carbon Poker now.

- Matt Skinner,