Triple Vaxxed Mouth Gets Covid Again, Tells Biden Admin "Get Them to Make a Vaccine That Works"

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow has Covid....Again.  The thrice vaccinated poker player lashed out at the Joe Biden administration, claiming they were lying about how effective the vaccines are.


Matusow elaborated further that he did not contract the fast spreading Omicron variant, but rather the dreaded Delta variant, which he has already suffered with last summer.

Matusow had attended a Golden Knights game this past Thursday with WPT Tour Director Matt Savage. 

"Why is Mike not masked?," one of Savage's followers asked.

"The vaccines do work, that's why you're in bed at home, and not the hospital. Hope the fever subsides soonest, Michael," one of Matusow's followers advised.

The Mouth does have an underlying heart condition.

"Imagine the state you would be in without the vaccines.. get better soon," another follower reminded him.


- Nagesh Rath,