Tom Dwan: Stare-Downs Ruining No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments

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Poker pro Tom Dwan doesn't like people staring at him during games.  SCROLL DOWN

“I think the few tournaments I’ve played lately.. people have taken the ‘staring at you’ to a whole new level, taking a long time every hand,' Dwan told  "Now I feel like people are taking it to an extreme and it’s not that fun.. not that sporting.”

Dwan says he's been absent from playing other no-limit hold'em tournament series for this reason.

Fellow pro Bryn Kenney backed Dwan. 

"Should be a penalty for staring at amateurs," says Kenney, adding how excessive tanking is "not making the game fun and people need to understand how important it is to make the game fun to attract players to wanna play."

Antonio Esfandiari agrees.

"Could not agree more," Esfandiari tweeted. "Absolutely terrible for poker. Who wants to go to a poker table and just be stared at?"

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