Tom Durrrr Dwan Wins it Right Back

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Tom Durr Dwan

Durrrr loseth, and Durrrr wineth back.  Fresh off the heels of a gargantuan $1 Million losing session heads up to Gus Hansen over the weekend, the online poker savant made a furious comeback last night, posting winnings estimated at over $1.2 Million.  He took shots at both the aforementioned Hansen as well as icon Phil Ivey at separate Pot Limit Omaha heads up tables and when the dust settled, he had bested them for a combined profit of $771,000.  Using his patented formula of aggressiveness and hand reading ability, Durrrr fearlessly took them both down.

In addition, Tom Dwan was no doubt comfortable playing on Full Tilt's new game, a $300/$600 with antes Pot Limit Omaha.  Here, he posted a profit of over $400,000 and was in control of the action throughout.

During his monster performance, he took down the night's largest pot during his heads up battle with Gus Hansen.  Sitting in the Big Blind holding 10s-8h-6d-Kh, he faced a Hansen raise to $3,000 and quickly bumped it up to $9,000.  Hansen came back with a re-raise back up to $27,000 to go and Durrrr called.  The flop was 2d-7s-Kd giving Durrrr top pair with no real kicker or draw.  Hansen led out making a pot-sized bet of $54,000 and Durrrr, knowing Hansen was pot-committed and thus having no fold equity, raised all-in anyway and was quickly called by his opponent.  Hansen held Ad-9d-10c-Ac giving him an over pair and the nut flush draw.  The turn card was the 4 of clubs, giving Durrrr a few more outs with his newfound gutshot straight draw.  The river was the 8 of spades, giving Durrrr  rather ugly two pair and the pot worth $212,976.

As the old adage goes, it's better to be lucky than good and on this occasion, Durrrr was quite a bit of both.


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