Tom Durrrr and Ziigmund Up the Ante at Full Tilt

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As if the stakes weren't high enough... Last night, after perhaps getting bored playing against each other heads up in $500/$1000 Pot limit Omaha, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Ziigmund decided to raise the stakes.  Although they were playing in the largest games Full Tilt Poker has to offer, the two nosebleed players agreed to raise and re-raise pot size preflop so that the minimum each player would bet is $9,000 per hand preflop. 

What did this mean for the matchup? Well, it meant that the pot sizes between the two were even larger than normal with $500,000 plus pots more the norm.  Although the pots were so substantial,  the end result wasn't all that earth shattering for either player.  At the end, durrrr finished up $160,000, not all that much considering the stakes.  Then again, this is also more money than most people makes in a year or two, so it's all relative.

The largest pot the two played also happened to be one of the largest online pots seen in 2009.  Ziigmund was in the big blind for this hand and after he made the obligatory re-raise to $9,000, Durrrr simply called and there was $18,000 in the pot.

Off to the flop they went and to say there were fireworks was a huge understatement.  The flop was 10c-6c-9d.  Ziigmund led out for $16,000 and Durrrr didn't hesitate in raising to $53,500.  Ziigmund thought for a moment before making it $178,000, essentially amounting to an all-in shove.  Durrrr raised again and all the money got in.  Durrrr held 8h-7d-As-Qs for the flopped nut straight with no real re-draw.  Meanwhile, Ziigmund had Ac-9c-Js-3c for basically a pair of 9's and a flush draw.

The turn card sealed the hand as the 4 of clubs gave Ziigmund the nut flush, leaving Durrrr with no outs to be found on the river.  Ziigmund scooped the monstrous pot worth $577,596.

Though this was the first time one can remember the two upping the stakes as such, it most likely won't be the last.

Source:  www.aintluck.com