Todd Brunson Marked for Big Money in Final $50k Bounty

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todd brunson
Todd Brunson Marked for Big Money inFinal $50k Bounty Tournament of 2010 at DoylesRoom.com Brunson will face off against hundreds of online poker players including ROYALFfu who, after winning $10,000 for picking off two pros in DoylesRoom's Wednesday Bounty last week, will attempt to win the full $50k this week Las Vegas, Nevada - December 29, 2010 -The online poker community will be glued to DoylesRoom.com this Wednesday for the final $50k Bounty of 2010. While Doyle Brunson and his $50,000 bounty bonus are always big attractions, Wednesday's huge draw is online poker player ROYALFfu,a successful poker player who went on a Brunson hunting rampage last week to claim $10,000 in bounty money plus the tournament title. In last Wednesday's $50,000 Bounty Tournament in which players can win $50,000 by picking off three pros, ROYALFfu came extremely close when he singlehandedly removed both Pam and Anjela Brunson from the tournament. In the DoylesRoom.com $50k Bounty Tournament, players are awarded money for eliminating marked DoylesRoom pros from the tournament. Any player who knocks out one pro will win $1,000 in bounty money. Two pro knockouts will earn the bounty hunter $10,000 and three pro knockouts will earn the successful player $50,000. In addition to taking down the two female Brunsons, ROYALFfu also eliminated Todd Brunson from the tournament. Unfortunately, while Todd has been a featured bounty in the past, he wasn't one of the marked players last Wednesday. This Wednesday marks the final $50k Bounty of 2011 and the lineup of bountieswill not disappoint.This week, Todd Brunson, Ken "Tex_ken" Hale and Mike Caro will find themselves marked with bull's eyes. As is the case every Wednesday, for just $27.50, bounty hunters can buy into the Wednesday Bounty Tournament at 9:30pm ET. Online poker players interested in playing in popular online poker tournament can buy directly in or participate in an online poker feeder to win their seat for lessat DoylesRoom.com.