SuperStar Showdown: Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton Wins vs. Isildur1

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Patrick Flanigan
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PokerStars Superstar Showdown, the world’s largest online poker room, has been pumping its latest signing for all it’s worth….That would be the mysterious online phenom Isildur1.  The poker website’s recent SuperStar Showdown put Isildur1 up against another big name online player, Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton.  The later ended up winning.

PokerStars reported:

With 2,500 hands completed, Isaac Haxton logged off a $41,701 winner as the curtain fell on the first SuperStar Showdown. Although a few railbirds were calling for everyone to send Isildur1 a dollar "since he's broke," rest assured, he'll be back online in no time, just as he always is. Expect to see another Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown in the very near future, or even at the PCA, where his secret identity may or may not be revealed as he rides into the Atlantis on the back of a dolphin. Or rappels down the Coral Tower. Or flies headfirst down the water slide.

The mystery surrounding who Isildur1 might be had online railbirds talking and asking questions of PokerStars (who certainly must know his true identity, but remain mum).

Our favorite guesses included Steven Seagal, Jamie Gold, Charles Barkley, Julian Assange and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Not everybody is thrilled by the secrecy surrounding Isildur1 now that he’s a PokerStars regular.

One poster at the popular Two Plus Two poker forum writes:

Yes my opinion on how pokerstars have handled this signing with Isildur1 badly. People like me who pay rake to the site have the rights to know who they are paying money to as a team pro. I just can’t believe I am the only one out there who thinks this is beyond stupid situation, that they cant reveal his actual name. And yes I know its probably Viktor Blom but to keep it a secret is just not acceptable.

PokerStars will reportedly announce who Isildur1 really is at the upcoming

- Patrick Flanagan,