Steve Gross and Several Brunson 10 Pros Top Card Player Online Player Rankings

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Steve Gross

What a difference a year makes. Actually, if your name is Steve “Gboro780” Gross, not much. Just one year after outranking every other online poker player for the Card Player title, the Brunson 10 pro placed second on the 2010 Card Player Online Poker Player of the Year rankings after racking up an astonishing 10,320 Points and adding to $1,023,658 to his bank account through online poker winnings.

Since 2008, Gross has bounced between the first and second spots on the yearly online poker rankings. In 2009, Gross led the pack of online poker champions at the top of the list and in 2008 the Brunson 10 pro placed second.

His consistent success places Gross second on Card Player’s All-Time Online Poker Player of the Year Rankings. But with several Brunson 10 pros on his tail, maintaining his position won’t necessarily be easy.

Alex Kamberis, who held the Online Player of the Year title in 2008 when Gross ranked second, currently sits in fourth place on Card Player’s All-Time rankings. David “Doc” Sands, who stood behind Gross in 2009 on Card Player’s list, currently sits in 6th place in terms of best scores of all time and Dan Kelly, who has over $2.6 million in earnings holds the 6th spot on Card Player’s All-Time Online Player of the Year earnings list.


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