Spitting Incident at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

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As was previously reported, PokerStars got the poker year rolling with one of the biggest live sponsored tournament series, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). As players have began returning home from playing at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in the Bahamas, details have begun to emerge about a rather ugly incident that occurred during one of the smaller events.

According to multiple sources who witnessed the event, Jeff "ActionJeff" Garza spat on Bryn Kenney after exchanging some unpleasant words. There is reportedly a lot of bad blood between the two, stemming from some money that Kenney allegedly owes Garza after a backing deal gone terribly wrong.

According to Jon "xxjondxx" Delong, a player familiar to both parties who happened to be nearby, he said ""I was sitting at the next table over I think. Wasn't too exciting, just heard the dealer yell security and saying that someone spit in someone's face and saw someone who I guess was [Action Jeff] walking out of the room." After the spitting took place, there was some pushing and shoving but it quickly subsided.

After news of the incident began to speak, Garza posted his version of the events on PocketFives.com. In a post, he wrote,

""Bryn and I have personal issues unrelated to him multi-accounting dealing with large amounts of money. I was just ready to drop it and take the hit for making the mistake of dealing with a scumbag. My hate was reignited real strong when I kept hearing about him talking behind my back. I walked away after busting the $5K and Bryn was in my path. He made eye contact with me as I was walking away, I gave him a [expletive] you and he smirks at me. I walked up to him and said something along the lines of ‘don't look at me you thieving piece of [expletive]‘ and nudge him with my shoulder. At this point security gets called. He said something along the lines of, ‘if I wasn't playing poker, give me one good reason...' So I gave him that good reason. And let's be clear here: No, it didn't miss, and yeah, it was right in his face, and it was a lot because I'd been putting down some water at the table."

This isn't the first time Kenney has been involved in a scandal. He was suspected of multi-accounting during PokerStars 2009 WCOOP after an account belonging to his brother, a low stakes regular came in 2nd for a gigantic score.

By all accounts, the PCA was highly successful, the ugliness notwithstanding.

Source:  www.aintluck.com