Spain Regulates Online Poker: A Breakdown

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C Costigan
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Spain Regulates Online Poker as always has provided its readers with a fantastic analysis of what Spanish regulation of online poker means to players

In a nutshell, Spanish players will be required to join an online poker room that is regulated by the government of that nation.  “Providers”, as they are called, will be permitted to operate from Spain and be taxed 25 to 30 percent.   Players will need to reside in Spain, similar to what we currently see in France and Italy.  Those player pool have been more than sustainable, enough so that both and rank among the 7 largest Internet poker rooms in the world. 

The maximum big blind is €10, so only games up to NL 1000 are allowed.  One can only play up to 100 big blinds while the maximum buy-in for tournaments is €250. 

Furthermore there are restrictions on the amount that can be deposited in a given week or a month:  €600/day, €1,500/week and €3,000/month.  Limits can be increased on an individual basis.  They can also be reduced at the operator/provider’s discretion.

The good news is that Spanish players will ultimately be able to play against those living in regulated nations such as France and Italy come 2013.  It’s entirely possible that these players will at some point be able to go head-to-head with individuals in the USA should the States eventually regulate online poker, which many believe could happen in the next 6 months.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher