South Point Poker Expecting to Move to Real Money Play Soon

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C Costigan
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South Point Poker

The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa could find itself the biggest name in online poker by the end of 2012 if they play their cards right (pun intended).

Already offering a free-to-play online poker website, prominently featured throughout, South Point Poker is expecting to offer real cash play as soon as their license is granted by the state of Nevada, quite possibly as early as February. 

In an interview with, the company’s Vice President of Internet Marketing, Richard Kulis, couldn’t speculate on the exact month when real cash play would be available

Nevada has already approved intrastate online poker for real money.  The state is in the process of implementing the proper regulatory framework while reviewing license applications.  South Point is already licensed as a casino operator in Las Vegas.  They run one of the most popular poker rooms in town.  We here at have actually found poker players in our home base of South Florida who play exclusively at the South Point poker room whenever venturing out to Vegas. 

“We hope to move into real-money play as soon as our license is granted,” Kulis told Card Player. 

It is believed that only a handful of operators would be able to sustain a viable business in the state of Nevada with its under 4 million population.  South Point would likely be among the first to get a foothold in the state. 

“On the one side you have to make sure you get it right from the beginning,” Kulis said.  “You want your players to sign up and play, and have loyalty and continue playing. But also, from a brand-recognition perspective, it’s the same argument we have regarding who was the first in paid TV — HBO, who was the first do a photocopy — Xerox. Those names stick. You want to break through early so you don’t have to catch up with a lot of noise in the market place and differentiate yourself.”

Kulis also made reference to the possibility of Nevada eventually pooling players with other states, something that has been mentioned quite a bit in the wake of the Department of Justice decision to no longer apply Internet poker to a federal Wire Act. 

- Chris Costigan, Publisher


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