Skype Advocacy Group: Fight for Poker Rights

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C Costigan
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Richard Muny, board member of the Poker Players Alliance and Director of Kentucky’s PPA arm, has begun a Skype Advocacy Group dedicated to the fight for poker player’s rights. 

Muny, who is known in the posting forum world as “The Engineer”, made it clear on Monday night that the online poker companies have contributed a significant amount of money to the Poker Players Alliance, including PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  The PPA has come under tremendous scrutiny in recent years for including a large percentage of Full Tilt Poker principals on its board.   Muny noted that the percentage as of Monday May 16, 2011 was zero.  That’s because Full Tilt’s Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson have stepped down (or were forced out). 

Muny believes that 2011 is a pivotal year to push hard for poker regulation especially with 2012 being a Presidential election year when very little typically gets done in Congress.  Ironically, Black Friday may very well be the driving force behind such a push. 

The American Gaming Association (AGA) will also be working with the Poker Players Alliance moving forward. 

Today's plan:

•       •          Email the House Financial Services Committee to request a hearing on HR 1174: Full committee contact info is at

•       •          Continue posting comments and liking pro-poker comments at

•       •          Visit and finish that up

•       •          Join the Skype Poker Advocacy Group by PMing me with your username.

•       •          Prepare for tomorrow's action plan, which will be to call the House Financial Services Committee with this request. Their numbers are 202-225-4247 (GOP) and 202-225-7502 (Dem.)


Christopher Costigan, Publisher