Ring Fencing Policy at iPoker Network Clarified

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Ace King
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Ring Fencing Policy at iPoker Network Clarified

The world’s 3rd largest online poker network (and sometimes 2nd as a result of alternating positions with rival PartyPoker), iPoker, has attempted to clarify its policy on ring-fencing for its dozens of online poker skins. 


Individual skins will be subject to “partial” ring-fencing should they fail to meet predetermined performance criteria. 

From Michael Gentile of PokerFuse.com:

Roei Gavish, Head of Poker at Playtech, confirmed to pokerfuse that the segregation will only take place on No Limit cash tables up to $2/$4 and some sit-and-go (SNG) tournaments. The network’s entire player pool will remain intact for multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

These parameters bring the division of iPoker’s player pool into line with segregation on Ongame, where certain sportsbook skins have some exclusive cash game tables from 2c/4c up to $2/$4.

Those iPoker skins that will have their players fenced off from the network’s main liquidity pool will be determined by a network scoring metric.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com