Revolution Poker Launches Fair Play Technology, Lock Lifts Player Segregation

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C Costigan
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Revolution Poker Launches Fair Play Technology, Lock Lifts Player Segregation can report that the largest US-facing online poker network (also accepting players from around the world), Revolution Poker Network, has just launched Fair Play technology

What is Fair Play Technology?

The new feature groups players into three categories (recreational, normal and advanced) whereby each category of players represents roughly 33 percent of the active Network player liquidity. 

By filtering these tables, Fair Play attempts to prevent recreational players from going head-to-head with more advanced players.  In other words, it might not be in a relatively novice individual’s best interest to go up against the likes of a Michael Mizrachi or Annette Obestrad, two of Lock’s most coveted pros.  Customers can see the three player levels via the lobby.

The so-called “normal” player will be able to go up against either the recreational or advanced poker player.   

Additionally, Fair Play introduces new types of games tailored for both Recreational and Advanced players. Initially, the Network will launch Beginner’s tables for Recreational players and 3-max tables for Advanced players.  

The Normal category of players will also have their own set of Beginner’s tables so that new players joining (which are not categorized as Recreational) will be able to view Beginner’s tables right from the start.  

Fair Play filters high stake and HU tables for Recreational players to prevent these individuals from sitting at more advanced tables and losing their hard earned bankroll faster.

The Revolution Poker Network is home to the likes of Lock Poker, Cake Poker and Intertops, just to name a few.

Speaking of Lock Poker, that company will be lifting its player segregation model with Fair Play Technology being launched.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher