Revealing Isildur1 Overwhelmingly Negative Thus Far

Written by:
Patrick Flanigan
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With the revelations this past weekend that popular online poker phenom Isildur1 is really Swedish poker player Viktor Blom, the allure of Isildur1 is essentially over.  For over a year, the mystery man has captivated our imaginations.

For a few short weeks after signing Blom, PokerStars continued to capitalize on his persona.

Many in the online poker community were not exactly thrilled with how the world’s leading Web card room handled the transition from Isildur1 to Viktor Blom during the site’s sponsored Caribbean Poker Adventure (PCA). noted:

Reaction to the reveal has been overwhelming negative so far, with most of those compelled enough to chime in being disappointed in both the way it was handled and in the outcome. There are however a couple of things that will finally be resolved and laid to rest as a result of this weekend’s reveal. From this day forth, any and all written accounts of Isildur1/Blom will no longer feature any of these overused phrases: the unknown Swede, the unknown player, “Isildur1, whose identity is still unconfirmed” etc.

Isildur1 has been the real deal since emerging on the Internet poker scene back in November 2009. points out that Isildur1 was involved in all ten of the largest online poker pots of all time.

- Patrick Flanagan,