The Real Deal Game Show Debuts at Venetian in October

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The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino is set to debut an audience participation show called The Real Deal in the Venetian Showroom starting October 14. The game show will feature the elements of a game show along with comedy and celebrity participation, all centered around the popular poker game of Texas Hold ‘Em. It wouldn't be a game show without prizes which includes the long shot possibility for an audience member to win $1 million.

In ‘The Real Deal', the audience will view a 90 minute poker tournament starring some of poker's most well known players such as Phil Helmuth Jr., Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu. So far, 10 pros have signed on to star in the show. Each theater seat will be equipped with a wireless, handheld touch screen device allowing every audience member to play along.

"People who come to Vegas want to play poker," Daniel Negreanu said, "but obviously they can't play in a big game with the likes of Doyle or Phil Hellmuth. But, in this show, they actually can."

Six lucky audience members chosen at random at the beginning of the show will sit at the poker table on stage with two pros. The audience members become the virtual ninth player as every person in the theater is electronically dealt a hand on the handheld device. Everyone can keep track of the action via big screen monitors. Audience members will start with 100,000 points with the goal of increasing their total. Near the end of the show, the final amateur and the surviving professional player will be joined by the audience member with the most points in a showdown.

Merv Adelson, one of the shows creators, who once helped run Lorimar, the company that produced Dallas and other hit television shows says, "But you don't have to be a poker player to enjoy the show." He explains that audience members can also add to their point stacks by making simple bets such as the suit of the next card all via the handheld devices.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez will produce plenty of laughs as the shows host but expect most of the entertainment to come from the poker pros.

"You get a guy like Scotty Nguyen, and to watch him work a room is absolutely amazing. The professionals can joke and needle each other and be more comfortable in a way that they can't when they're playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars," Mr. Negreanu says.

Audience members will be awarded prizes, from logo merchandise to jewelry to plasma screen televisions, at random and for play performance. At the end of the show, a $1 million jackpot will be the highlight when select audience members are dealt a royal flush.

Starting times will be 4 pm six days a week (dark on Sunday) and 7 pm Tuesday and Wednesday. Prices will be $75 in the afternoon and $85 in the evening. A few VIP tickets for $125 will provide the holder with backstage access. Audience members must be at least 21 years of age to play.


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