Quadjacks Thursday 5 PM EST: PPA Director to Discuss I. Nelson Rose Joe Bartton Flap

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Ace King
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Quadjacks Thursday 5 PM EST:  PPA Director to Discuss I. Nelson Rose Joe Bartton

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) Richard Muny is slated to appear on the popular Quadjacks.com Live Internet Radio Stream Thursday afternoon to offer his opinion on the controversy swirling around noted industry attorney I. Nelson Rose and his disparaging comments about Republican Texas Congressman Joe Barton.

Rep. Barton has sponsored a bill that would allow online poker at the federal level. 

Rose has gone on the offensive, suggesting that Barton and others in the GOP are pushing back the legislative process into 2012 as a means of increasing the stream of lobbying dollars.   He appeared on Quadjacks this week to defend a previous blog he authored

From the Quadjacks.com site:

I. Nelson Rose is one of the most influential voices in the gambling world, and arguably the most influential gambling authority in the United States. He is the author of the seminal book “Gambling and the Law,” and is routinely an expert witness in court cases regarding gambling issues. QuadJacks Poker Radio is honored by Professor Rose’s first appearance on the program. Rose begins by breaking down the complexities of online gaming law in America in terms the non-expert can understand. Rose also directly addresses some of the most recent criticism he has been receiving by certain segments of the poker community for having shared some of his unfavorable opinions about representative Joe Barton, and he clarifies what his views are on both Barton and the Barton bill’s chances of success.

The Poker Players Alliance lashed out at Rose last week, suggesting the attorney had political holdups related to Barton that had little to do with his stance on legalized Internet Poker.

I. Nelson Rose, a law professor with expertise on gaming law, has chosen to attack online poker supporter Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX). These attacks were made on CalvinAyre.com on October 21 st (listen here), on OnTilt Radio on December 5th, and in a recent column in Poker Player Magazine (here). The attacks center not on issues of the legislation itself, or even of poker-related issues. Rather, they focus on Rep. Barton’s politics and on Rose’s apparent disagreement with them. This is unfortunate and, in the opinion of the Poker Players Alliance, very misguided.

Quotes attributed to Rose include:

“Joe Barton does not believe in science. He doesn’t even believe in facts. He is a typical Tea Party Republican Congressman from Texas: Barton is proud of what he calls his “100 percent” approval rating from the Christian Coalition (actually, it is 91 percent). He’s anti-gambling.”

“Barton comes off in person as a not very smart, good ol’ boy. He is best known for apologizing to BP for President Obama’s demand that the oil company pay for its disastrous Gulf oil spill. He called global warming science “absolute nonsense;” declared carbon-dioxide harmless, “It’s in your Coca- Cola;” believes wind turbines may “slow down the wind” and raise temperatures; and bragged that he puzzled Secretary of Energy and Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu, by asking him why Alaska has oil.”

“Barton is not stupid, at least in the conventional sense of the word. He would understand plate techtonics, how Alaska drifted north over millions of years, if he did not believe the Earth was only 6,000 years old.”

- Ace King, Gambling911.com