President Trump Good or Bad for Online Poker?

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The TwoPlusTwo.com posting forum conducted a survey asking its members to vote on whether newly elected US President Donald Trump will be good or bad for legalized online poker in America.  The results were mixed but some good discussion was to be had.

Member tarheelbluez offered this nugget:

Trumps best friend and business partner, Phil Ruffin, owner of Treasure Island , Las Vegas. Who was partnered with 888 before black Friday.

Sheldon is a big donator to the cause of Israel. Always.

Trump promises to roll back regulations that hinder our economy from growing. One of those regulations involves RAWA and online banking.

In my opinion, our President will be looking at all streams of revenue for our country and something as simple as taxing rake is free money . I truly believe we will have online poker back before WSOP 2017.

Thank you elite poker players for your deep thinking and unwavering support for an American looking out for Americas best interests.

WrapDraw was a little less optimistic over the prospects of legalizing online poker in the US:

Online poker is the last thing on his mind. Maybe at the end of his term he would consider legislation if there is some huge story about online poker to grab his attention. As president, he has much bigger things to worry about

And this from SuperSwag:

With Mike Pence as VP and the choices he made for his staff there is no way online gambling will be legal. We're going to have another Bush type era of christian politics the next 4 years.

Amurophil  alluded to billionaire casino magnate and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson’s efforts at trying to get online poker banned:

Sheldon has been our biggest opponent throughout the years and he just so happens to be one of Trump's biggest donors. Trump has no stated position, but has shown a propensity to mold his opinions heavily according to those who have his ear. There is a very likely chance we face an outright federal ban

Over 300 members voted in the unscientific survey with the majority believing there will be little change positive or negative related to the status of legalized online poker in the United States under a Donald Trump Presidency.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com