Prahlad Friedman Calls out Isaac Haxton and Justin Bonomo for Account Sharing

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Mar/14/2011 poker pro Prahlad Friedman has called out fellow players Haxton and Bonomo for alleged “account sharing”.

Iassac Haxton and Justin Bonomo share and switch accounts often. Was playing random guy and looked up his stats. Identical to Hax.

Haxton knows I don't want to play him head up. So scummy. 

Beware of their scummy tactics.

They have been doing this to me for years. No more.

The online poker sites have taken pretty drastic actions against “account sharing”.  Witness:  Full Tilt Poker.

Your account has been closed due to your close associations to players that have been found guilty of unethical activity which was in breach of Full Tilt Poker's terms and conditions. Based on the information available, you have directly shared a computer with these individuals.

Justin Bonomo has responded and blasted Friedman on his own Twitter page.

“Your accusations are completely baseless. Twitter is not the place to discuss this.”

He also issued a statement on the posting forum.

So here is where we are now: Prahlad Friedman has publicly slandered both myself and Isaac Haxton. Clearly he thinks I'm a terrible poker player that needs Isaac's help to beat him. Above I have issued a challenge. Prahlad must either accept this challenge, or give both of us a public apology. I swear I will go very far out of my way to assure Prahlad that no one is assisting my play. We can play under his terms, and his conditions; whatever makes him feel comfortable (within reason of course).

I do not plan on responding to specific questions in this thread. For obvious reasons I would find it quite disadvantageous to have to outline how Isaac and I play, and how to tell us apart. I have already given a lot more information in this post than I feel I should ever need to. Furthermore, I am currently on vacation with my girlfriend and plan on enjoying it. However, if Prah decides to take me up on my offer, I promise to make myself available in a very short period of time.

-Thank you very much to those that have realized Prah has absolutely no basis for these accusations. Your faith in me truly means a lot to me.

- Ace King,