Portuguese Poker Protigy Jose “Girah Macedo Gets Busted Again: Dropped by Lock Poker

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C Costigan
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Jose “Girah Macedo Gets Busted Again

Over this past weekend, Gambling911.com noticed an influx of searches pertaining to Portuguese poker prodigy Jose “Girah Macedo”, and now we know why. 

Bluff Europe reports that Macedo has allegedly been bluffing some of his buddies in the online high stakes poker community. 

From Bluff Europe:

Macedo used some of his connections with high stakes players to set-up heads-up matches between those friends and another player Macedo described to them as a fish. During the matches Macedo would, with permission, use remote desktop software to watch his friends playing the fish giving him access to their hole cards. The fish, which ended up being - at the very least - an acquaintance of Macedo ended up winning over $30,000.

Macedo has since admitted to the scam. 

It’s not the first time Macedo has gotten his hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar.

Just a few months ago, the Portuguese poker prodigy was disqualified as the champion of the popular Bluff Poker – Lock Poker Online Challenge.  Macedo acts as a team pro for Lock Poker, a Gambling911.com sponsor, and they were first to break the sad news to us about Macedo being found multi-tabling.

The disgraced poker player achieved the title of “Poker Prodigy” after running up his bankroll to $2 million from a mere €30.  Macedo came on board at Lock with much fanfare. 

“Jose is young, brilliant and incredibly determined. He is putting a new face, age and goal to this game,” said Jennifer Larson CEO and Owner of Lock Poker, at the time of his signing. “He will be heavily involved in developing the product, marketing and brand in the coming months. His story is one of determination to a degree that is just unparalleled and unrivaled.”

Lock Poker dropped Macedo from its pro roster over the weekend immediately after the allegations were disclosed. 

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher