Poland Bans Online Gambling Despite EU Objections: Poker a “Gambling Game”

Written by:
Patrick Flanigan
Published on:
Poland Bans Online Gambling, Poker

Poland has banned online gambling though they were somewhat soft on bookmakers while objecting more to poker as a “Gambling Game” leading to addiction

The European Union has widely objected to its member nation’s attacks on Internet gambling over the years though some, like France, are beginning to embrace competition.  Poland is the latest to move towards prohibition however.

This week, Poland’s President, Bronislaw Komorowski, signed a bill that would ban online gambling.

Bookmakers can still run sites in Poland but servers must be located outside the country in other European Union nations.  A .pl domain name must also be utilized when targeting Polish citizens. 

“Poker is a gambling game, based on a random element,” said Jacek Kapica, the undersecretary to the Ministry of Finance. “World, it’s a game, leading to addiction.”

Many pundits do not believe such a policy will stand in according with the EU.

- Patrick Flanagan, Gambling911.com