PokerStars US Payouts Now Available

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Ace King
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PokerStars US Payouts

Though a statement has yet to be released by PokerStars at this time, the online poker firm is now allowing US players to withdraw funds.

US players were shut out of the world’s largest online poker room on April 15 following an indictment against the company by the US Justice Department.  The company and its founder have been charged with money laundering and bank fraud.

Since that time, PokerStars entered into an arrangement with the Justice Department to permit withdrawals, however, noting that the site would need to implement some technical changes to prevent new customers in the US from opening cash accounts.

Many US-based players have been able to cash out effective Tuesday afternoon.

PokerStars traffic fell more than 25 percent after abruptly exiting the US market. 

Cashout amount: USD XXX

A check for USD XXX will be issued.

Credit transaction #XXX

The check will be issued by our payment processor, NOT by POKERSTARS. If you have any questions or require further clarification please contact the customer support number detailed on the check. Alternatively, you may contact "PokerStars Cashier" <>

Please allow up to 72 hours for cashout processing.

Note: USD Checks will be delivered by regular mail and are expected to arrive within 15 business days. We strongly recommend that you deposit your check at your bank and avoid using check cashing stores.


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