PokerStars Smashes Own Poker Tournament Record

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When the people at PokerStars set out to do something, by and large, they get it done. This past Sunday was certainly no exception. Twice before, PokerStars, the world's largest online poker site decided that they wanted to hold the world's largest online poker tournament. Both times, they did just that. This Sunday, they set out to out do themselves and what ended up taking place was perhaps better than even they'd hoped.

Back in July, they set the mark of 65,000 players. Well, this time, they more than doubled that amount. When it was all said and done, an astonishing 149,196 players entered this particular $1 buy in tournament. Just to put this number in perspective, this figure represents the largest World Series of Poker Main Event field times 20! The event took just 6 hours to complete and the top finisher walked away with their buy in times 50,000. Tremendous accomplishment for such a paltry investment

Here are the final table finishers and their paydays:

1st place oskar69 $50,000.00
2nd place Bommel222 $30,000
3rd place TLWPB $20,000
4th place willis59 $10,000
5th place kruglay $8,000
6th place madmick62 $6,500
7th place DS1982 $5,250
8th place denmil53 $4,000
9th place bigsnapper7 $3,000

Now, it would seem that more than doubling a record they already owned would be enough to keep the folks at PokerStars satiated. However, they are always looking to push the envelope and it would seem that this won't be the last time they try to do this.

Source:  www.aintluck.com


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