PokerStars Confirms Illegal Bot Ring

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
PokerStars Poker Bot Ring

Diligent online poker players and posters have uncovered a troubling event at PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site. A contributor to the popular online poker forum posted his suspicions of possible bot usage due to very peculiar playing tendencies by a number of screennames. The names is question are as follows:











In his original post of his suspicions, “mallic” cited numerous things that 3 of the players on the list had in common. When beginning a session, all three sat down at the same table stakes, each moved down after a set number of hands in a short time period regardless of results, and they made the same downward move shortly thereafter, at almost the exact same time. This was a very diligent bit of sleuthing done on his part.

The investigation grew as more and more players began noticing the same characteristics. A website that tracks millions of online players, (PTR) were called in to independently look at the players. A second poster, “Gugel” did his research on PTR and found astounding similarities between the players. PTR went ahead and published its own damning finding late last week that all but confirmed everyone’s suspicions. They pulled data on 10 different PokerStars account and found that all 10 showed remarkably similar statistics. Each of the accounts changed table stakes at exactly the same time, and all had identical betting patterns. The evidence uncovered by PTR is rather impressive and thorough, as they research 28 different measurable metrics such as pre-flop raise, 3-bet percentages, “saw flop” percentage, and flop aggression. Using advanced statistical formulas, the researches found that the players styles differed by no more than 2.39. As a comparison, the bot number compared to any other online player was 32.94 which was more than just a statistical coincidence.

In addition, there were other betting pattern pieces of evidence which pointed to the bot usage as well. With the overwhelming evidence backing them, PokerStars swiftly removed all the users from the site. It is not believed that any cheated players will be receiving any form of payment.